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I personally love the traditional collection especially the stunning jhumkas, bracelets and the singular vankis(armlets). They have a wide range of designs including traditional South Indian temple jewellery, the traditional north Indian kundan style as well as some modern styles perfect to be worn to a more casual event.
The pieces are very versatile, look very expensive and have always earned me compliments when I wear them. Truly jewellery for all occasions.
Manjusha has a beautiful collection of jewellery. They exhibit both traditional and contemporary designs with a wide variety to choose from some of my most exquisite pieces are from Manjusha and I would recommend any jewellery lover to drop by at Manjusha for some good picks"
Manjushaa collection is truly trendy and pocket friendly! The choices available are exceptional - contemporary and traditional and what's more, just as you think you must look for something new, there is the next set of choices available! . One can easily find what they want - a blessing for brides to be, in this fast-paced world! Their collection of pictures in vivid colours helps make choices online and is extremely convenient and I have always been recommending them to people I know!
Manjushaa has an exquisite collection of bangles, rings, anklets, earrings,chokers and fashion jewellery. It always provides a new and fresh look when it has been refreshed in its gallery. My favourite has always been earrings and chain set which is unique and elegant in its own ways.
Manjushaa is a very tasteful collection of pretty Indian jewelery and accessories - some traditional, others trendy. Hmm...and what shall I compliment its owner on - for introducing new styles regularly, for understanding the reason behind a buy or for going out of her way to make this online jewelry buying so effortless. The stunning simplicity of their collection - I like, the sensitivity of the people behind Manjushaa - I really appreciate it.
Manjushaa has an amazing collection of jewellery and clutches. Your pieces are delicate and lovely and most importantly very unique ones. One would end up buying the jewel and then pick up the salwar/ saree that matches it :) This is out of own experience :) :) And most importantly your taste of collection is superb.
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